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                Mr. Electric Blog

                Snuggling into a cozy electric blanket on a cold winter’s night is hard to beat, but like all bedding, electric blankets occasionally need to be cleaned. If you’re worried about how to clean an electric blanket, you can relax. The process is actually pretty simple, and it doesn’t require an...Read more

                Curious about electricity costs by state? You aren’t alone. Many Mr. Electric? customers wonder how their electric bill compares to the rest of the country. Are you paying more or less for electricity than other homeowners in different parts of the U.S.?

                Let’s break it down by giving you...Read more

                The perfect little hiding spot for some extra cash or small valuables, a wall outlet safe is a smart, inconspicuous place to keep your belongings secure. A burglar is unlikely to find your belongings inside an outlet in...Read more

                Ever wonder what is the speed of electricity? We know it’s fast, but are we talking Superman-fast or speed-of-light fast? Electricity is a fascinating topic for young and old alike.

                Mr. Electric? is here to give you the answers to this popular question about electricity, along...Read more

                When the simple task of plugging your cell phone charger or hair dryer into the wall leaves you scratching your head and wondering why your electrical outlet is not working, you may find yourself ready to take action. In some cases, it’s not a bad idea to take a few safe troubleshooting steps to...Read more

                Protecting Your Home with Smart Home Technology

                Are you still using traditional locks, doorbells, and lights? It may be time to upgrade to smart home technology to ensure your home is safe and secure. Upgrading your home technology is also an environmentally conscious decision that can...Read more

                Will an Invisible Dog Fence Raise Your Electric Bill?

                An invisible fence is a cost-effective and safe option for your pup, but what does it do to your monthly electric bill? Our short answer is that you may notice a small difference, however there are additional...Read more

                Are Your Lights Out but Your Circuit Breaker Isn’t Tripped?

                When a light in your home goes out, most of the time we have an idea of how to remedy the situation: double check the switch, take a look at the bulb, assess the breaker.

                This time, you notice...Read more

                How to Fix Loose Outlets

                Loose electrical outlets are annoying and can also severely impact the safety of your home. Check out these tips to learn how to fix your loose outlets, and how to know when it’s time to call in a licensed electrician...Read more

                Summer heat can be brutal, especially if you don’t have any sort of air conditioning in your home. Installing a central air conditioning unit is quite the undertaking and can be expensive, so many homeowners opt for window AC units instead. But do window AC units use a lot of electricity? Well,...Read more