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                Tips from Our Expert Electricians

                Frequently Asked Questions

                At Mr. Electric?, we pride ourselves on upfront pricing and guaranteed work.? Because we know you want as much information as possible before you call out a service technician, we put together a frequently asked questions section to help fill in the gaps.? We tackle some of the basic questions, such as how much we charge for service and some important points on different types of wiring.? If you think there is a question we should add to the list, fill out the Ask A Question form and we will get back to you as soon as possible.


                The glossary is a collection of the most frequently used terms on the site and in a potential service call.? Don't worry if you don't know the electrician jargon -- your local Mr. Electric technician will always explain the electrical issue, the repair or replacement they recommend, and the price clearly before any work begins.?

                Interactive Home

                See your house a little differently and take an interactive tour of the areas that might need a little help from Mr. Electric.?

                Helpful Resources

                Mr. Electric is the expert on your electrical repairs and installations, but the wealth of electrical knowledge extends far beyond us.? We gathered a list of useful links about electrical safety, codes, regulations, and energy savings to help round out your electrical system knowledge.